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River Valley Provides $12,500 to Community Members Impacted by COVID-19

In partnership with the Ohio Credit Union Foundation, River Valley Credit Union has provided $12,500 to members of the Dayton area who were financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-five individuals were each awarded a $500 grant to help cover some of their financial needs.

“We had no doubt that the Miami Valley has been negatively affected by COVID,” said John Bowen, River Valley Credit Union CEO. “But, to see people who were displaced and have nowhere to live … good people whose jobs simply disappeared, it really hits home. We provided grants to parents with sick children, to people taking care of ailing parents. We had one grant recipient who needed the money to buy a headstone for their daughter! We are thankful to the Ohio Credit Union Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to help so many people.”

River Valley received funding through the Ohio Credit Union Foundation to help the community begin to recover from the financial burden COVID-19 has placed on families.

River Valley announced the grant application process on June 15, 2020 through email and social media.  The grant was available to anyone financially effected by COVID-19. In all, 231 applications were received and scored by both River Valley branch employees and senior management. Scoring was based on eight factors including financial needs, current employment, and emotional impact. Twenty-five applicants were selected and awarded the $500 grant. 

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