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How to Protect Your Child's Identity

We all know how important it is to protect our identities, but have you ever thought to protect your child’s? Fraudsters can easily steal your child’s identity without you realizing it for years. Thieves use the information they same way they would yours, to open fake accounts, credit cards and loans. Children are an easy target for thieves, they have a clean slate so creating a fake identity is easy.

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Meet Our Friends at A Special Wish Foundation- Dayton Chapter

A Special Wish Foundation – Dayton Chapter is a wish granting organization whose mission is to grant the wish of a child or adolescent (birth through age 20) who has been diagnosed by a physician with a life-threatening disorder. We strive to provide children and their families with special time together and a sense of normalcy despite the challenges they are experiencing. Since 1983, our chapter has granted over 1,700 wishes to children living in the Dayton area.

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