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Five easy tips to make the most of your summer travel

Five easy tips to make the most of your summer travel
Travel is finally back in full swing, something we can all be thankful for this year. While staycations and remote-working vacations have been all the rage since 2020, pre-pandemic vacationing is making a comeback in 2022.


According to, 60 percent of travelers from a 24,000-person survey claimed they are looking to meet new people and make new connections on their next vacation, something that has fallen by the wayside since the pandemic hit. Seventy-five percent of respondents across 31 countries said their vacations would be strictly work-free from now on to regain a healthy work-life balance.


The survey said that 79 percent of travelers consider vacationing essential to the state of their mental health and wellbeing. In addition, respondents claimed to prioritize traveling as part of their regular self-care routine going forward.


Vacations can take months to plan, or they can be a bit more on the spontaneous side. Either way, now that a more normal form of travel is back, there’s plenty of summer left to get out there and explore.

So, are you planning a vacation this summer? If so, learn these helpful travel tips from Enjoy Travel Life:

Know where you’re goingPlan a safe route before you go, including any and all stops you want to make on your trip. Being prepared will go a long way toward safe travels.


Paying for a vacation – Make room for vacation savings in your monthly budget. Be sure to take advantage of credit card reward points. For safety’s sake, be sure to have two forms of money – like a credit card and cash – just in case. Visit the Shared Branching website to get a list of participating credit unions nationwide and internationally.


Stay in touch – Be sure to pack plenty of charging cords and adapters so you don’t lose touch with family and friends while away. A wi-fi booster is a smart investment if you’re headed away from civilization.


Keep an eye on the sky Watch the weather as you travel, so you can be prepared for whatever is headed your way.


Pack a first aid kit – You never know when a band-aid and some disinfectant spray might be needed. Hand sanitizer and Aspirin are also good additions to any first aid kit.

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