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5 Easy Steps to Cut Cable

Posted On: February 19th, 2020
Have you ever thought about cutting cable? It can be a great way to save money and a low-cost way to tailor your TV channels to your tastes. Streaming services are on the rise, last year saw the addition of Apple TV + as well as Disney +, who saw 10 million people sign up in one day! ...read more

Credit Unions Vs Banks: What is the Difference?

Posted On: February 13th, 2020
What is the difference between a credit union and a bank? We in the credit union movement get that question all the time. The truth is, not much, at least on the surface. We appear to be very similar. Both offer savings products, loan products, checking accounts, etc. We both deliver those services through various channels such as a branch network, mobile network, auto dealership networks, ATM’s and such. Banks typically are larger with more branches and more customers. ...read more

New Spending Package Includes Sweeping Retirement Plan Changes

Posted On: January 29th, 2020
The $1.4 trillion spending package enacted on December 20, 2019, included the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, which had overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives in the spring of 2019, but then subsequently stalled in the Senate. The SECURE Act represents the most sweeping set of changes to retirement legislation in more than a decade. ...read more

Tips to Avoid IRS Scams

Posted On: January 15th, 2020
Tax season is just around the corner and everybody has to pay taxes! However, if you pay attention to this information, you can avoid falling for a scam! ...read more