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How to Make a Faux Fireplace

Posted On: November 30th, 2018

All through the month of December, River Valley is having pictures with Santa. That means there will be a lot of festivities and fun at all of our branches. The Beavercreek office got really creative and made a whole background for the pictures, and it is so cute! The crown jewel of their background is an amazing fireplace they made. It looks so real! I love it so much I want to make one for my house. They were kind enough to share the step-by-step directions with me for a blog post.


8 - 20 inch X 30 inch foam boards (Find it here)

Wood design shelf paper(Similar here)

Hot glue gun/glue sticks 

Craft foam sheets (Find it here)

Acrylic paint 

Stone coarse texture spray (Find it here)


Tissue paper in flame colors* (Similar here)

*If you can’t find ombre tissue paper, use yellow, orange and red for a similar effect. *

Step 1: Select four foam boards and cut two inches off each board on the side that is 20 inches. Leave the height at 30’ inches. Glue two boards together on the side that is now 18 inches.  On the two remaining boards, cut an opening of 17 inches high by 10 inches wide. Then glue the top of the opening together. Keep the 17 x 10 boards for the inside of the fireplace. Cut one of the 2-inch boards into 5 sections to glue to the inside board of the front and back of the fireplace. Measure out the bottom opening in the fireplace to have a base to hold desired decorations. Attach with hot glue and put in little rectangle on the bottom so that it has stability to hold decorations. Also measure out a strip to put on the face of the opening at the bottom so that you won’t see the base of the fireplace


Step 2: Cut one board in half making the width 10 inches and leaving the height at 30 inches.  Using the 2 inches of board that you cut off the initial boards, cut little triangles to use as the support for the middle walls of the fireplace. Take the boards that have the fireplace opening and glue the triangles on the back of it on the outer sides and also next to the side of the fireplace opening. Then glue the 30- x 10-inch board to the outside section of the 17- x 10-inch board to the fireplace opening.

Step 3: Glue the back board to the side walls. Then you can start attaching the foam sheets in the color desired. They will be cut in sizes of 2 x 6 inches and attached with hot glue. After the fireplace is fully covered with foam sheets you can spray it lightly with the paint. Allow it to dry for at least two hours.  When the spray paint dries you can use the acrylic paint to sponge on the desired color for the bricks. Then use acrylic paint to fill in the spaces between the foam sheets.

Step 4: Set up the mantle. Cut the foam board to make it four boards of 12 x 20 inches and four boards of 2 x 20 inches and two boards that are 2 x 12 inches. Attach the two 12- x 20-inch boards to form two 12- x 40-inch boards. Attach the 2- x 20-inch boards to make two 2- x 40-inch boards. Then attach the 12- x 4-inch and 2- x 40-inch boards together making sure they line up evenly and add the 2- x 12-inch board in between the 2- x 40-inch boards. After they are added to one side, hot glue the other side to form a box mantle. After it has cooled, add the shelf paper to the top of the mantle. Cover one corner and slowly apply the shelf paper.

Lastly, you attach the mantle to the fireplace with hot glue and decorate with desired decorations.

I look forward to making this myself and adding it to my closet (though it’s already overflowing) with fun Christmas decorations. If you get the decorating bug and make this, I would love to see your results. Email them to me at Val@rivervalleycu.org.