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All About Earth Day

Posted On: April 17th, 2018

        Earth Day is this Sunday. While I always enjoy the tonic of fresh air, contact with the soil and companionship with nature, on this day especially I like to celebrate nature. It’s a great day to take a walk through the woods, enjoy a picnic, or go to the park. Whatever your activities of choice, plan to spend the day outside enjoying nature. There is something refreshing about spending time outdoors; it is a great way to disconnect from the daily stresses we all face. Fortunately, living in Dayton, we don’t have to go far for beautiful scenery. This Earth Day, I encourage everyone to visit the Metro Parks. I know I mention them a lot and that’s because they really are amazing and have so much to offer!


                Have you ever wondered about Earth Day and how it got started? This observance arose from an interest in gathering national support for environmental issues. In 1970, San Francisco activist John McConnell and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson separately asked Americans to join in a grassroots demonstration to call attention to environmental issues of the day—many of which are just as pressing all these years later. McConnell chose the spring equinox (March 21, 1970) and Nelson chose April 22. Millions of people participated, and today, Earth Day continues to be widely celebrated (mostly on April 22). Common Earth Day activities include planting trees, cleaning up litter, or simply enjoying nature by hiking, gardening, or taking a stroll in a local park. Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22. It’s followed closely by Arbor Day, which falls on the last Friday in April.


     Celebrate Earth Day by enjoying nature. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

·         Plant wildflowers! Read our article on native wildflowers.

·         Go native! Plants thrive when they’re natural to your area. See our article on natural landscaping.

·         Bring nature into the garden with plants that attract butterflies and plants that attract hummingbirds!

·         Try an organic vegetable garden. Here are tips on organic seed starting, and our Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening.

·         Conserve water. See our tips for keeping a water-wise garden.

·         Clean up your community by organizing a group to pick up litter in a local park or along a roadway.

·         Talk to your local government about planting more trees and native garden beds in public spaces or consider planting your own on your property!

I have always found the time I spend outdoors, even when I am just taking in the sights and sounds, to be deeply rewarding and relaxing. I hope you will join me in celebrating the beauty and bounty of the outdoors this Sunday!